Artist Statement

In my works, I deal with three main issues, all of which are explored through the use of the human figure. The issues are relationships, the first being the relationship of an individual with their inner self and the struggles they encounter therein. The second issue is the relationship between an individual and society, the interactions between them and how this affects the individual specifically. The third is the relationship between two people, man and woman to be precise. All these issues or views are, of course, interrelated.

The human figure to me is the most effective means of expressing myself on these matters because I believe the viewer can easily relate to the works. It is very direct since all humans understand body language and everyone has had common experiences in life.

Most of my work presents a moment in time, an instant captured in space. To me, expression is achieved by movement...twisting and/or slightly exaggerating specific parts of the figure. Through my work I hope to achieve some connection w/the viewer and make them feel some common emotion or mood expressed in the piece.