The exhibition De Miedos y Amores deals primarily with two very primary emotions: fear and love. These two emotions many times reside inseparably in the human experience. I have explored them from various viewpoints for this exhibit. Why I choose to ponder on such things is in part my pursuit to communicate and create a common experience with others, and to an extent purge or submerge myself within the subject till inebriated.

I choose to portray the human figure, because to me it is the most effective means of expressing myself. I want my work to be direct, immediate, raw. My work captures a moment in time and explores the subject’s psychological state. I exaggerate proportions, poses, and colors to achieve expression. I’m not interested in recreating the physical world in my art, instead I deliberately provoke the viewer to reconcile the physical world and the inner one, all live in.

Through my work, I hope to remind the viewer of her/his humanity; I hope remind the viewer that all of us are all bound by the same fears and loves.

If one has loved, then one has known fear. Yet one can fear and never love.

–M. Sayago

Selected Artworks: